Paranoid Crazy Person Head of GSA

Ha ha, the crazy went to Vassar - WonketteWe were alerted earlier today that GSA administrator Lurita Doan (obv a fake name, prob from a Pynchon book) was hilariously sketchy while testifying before the Oversight Committee -- and, indeed, she was! -- but we apparently missed a great bit at the end. A tipster writes:

So the webcast isn't up yet, but I have it on good authority that mics at the Oversight hearing today picked up Obvious Criminal Lurita Doan telling her lawyer to take her glass of water with them, because she didn't want the committee getting her fingerprints. It'll get put up on the website eventually

Our tipster was correct! Ms. Doan apparently mistook her committee hearing for a sitdown with Columbo, and urged one of her people to grab her glass on the way out, saying the committee's "got me totally paranoid."

Clip TK tomorrow, unless we forget about it or get bored or something funnier happens.

Hearing Investigates Allegations of Misconduct at GSA [Oversight Comm]

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