Paris To Fox News: See You In Court For Being Lying Liars

Now that Fox News has admitted it completely made up a series of stories about supposed "no go zones" in France and England -- districts where the police and other officials supposedly leave local Muslims to run things on their own and create little islands of Sharia where no non-Muslim dare enter -- the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, says she's planning to sue Fox News for lying about Her Fair City:

"When we're insulted, and when we've had an image, then I think we'll have to sue, I think we'll have to go to court, in order to have these words removed," Hidalgo told CNN's Christiane Amanpour. "The image of Paris has been prejudiced, and the honor of Paris has been prejudiced."

CNN will air the full interview later Tuesday; they note that "some critics" have accused Fox of using the stories to "perpetuate a fearful narrative about Muslims." You think?

We aren't A Lawyer, and we're definitely not a French Lawyer (or as they say in La Belle France, a "le barrista"), so we can't comment on whether Hidalgo's threatened lawsuit has much of a chance, but wouldn't it be nice if someone somewhere actually managed to get Fox to throttle back the bullshit, just a little bit now and then?

On the other hand, this being Fox, maybe we should expect a new series of historical reports recapping how France didn't help America in the Iraq War, not even one little bit, and Freedom Fries will make a return to congressional cafeterias.

[CNN / Crooks & Liars]

Doktor Zoom

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