Parody Wingnut Radio Host Offers $1 Million If Newt Drops Out


We have, let's see, zero interest in the dull antics of the AM talk radio hosts. But now and then, one of their desperate stunts percolates through the layers of illiteracy and finally appears over here on the "reading medium," the Internet blogs. So, here you go: Parody wingnut radio host Michael "Savage" Weiner has apparently offered Newt Gingrich a million dollars, and all the money-grubbing amoral piglet needs to do is drop out of the 2012 GOP race to claim this precious money.

Why? We don't know/care, probably because various corporate 1% sleazebag Kochs are getting a little nervous about the possibility that a human disaster like Newt Gingrich might actually win the Republican nomination -- in effect, handing Barack Obama a landslide victory next November.

But is the Michael Weiner character guilty of a crime punishable by execution? Probably, according to an email we skimmed from Wonkette Operative "Peter P.":

Michael Savage (nee Weiner) offered Newt Gingrich $1 Million to step out of the race for the Presidency. (The story is all over the 'net.)

Section 18205 of the California Elections Code provides:

"A person shall not directly or through any other person advance, pay, solicit, or receive or cause to be advanced, paid,

solicited, or received, any money or other valuable consideration to or for the use of any person in order to induce a person not to

become or to withdraw as a candidate for public office. Violation of this section shall be punishable by imprisonment pursuant to

subdivision (h) of Section 1170 of the Penal Code for 16 months or two or three years."

Seems like Michael Savage may have committed a felony under California law.

Think they'll prosecute? I doubt it.


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