Participatory Journalism

It's a mock turtleneck, see?Kennedy Gondwe is the BBC's reporter in Lusaka, Zambia and a brave, brave man. After learning that circumcision reduces the risk of HIV transmission, Kennedy decided to undergo the procedure and document his experience.

In Zambia, 16 percent of the population is infected with HIV and one of Gondwe's colleagues, Mildred Mpundu, died earlier this year after coming forward with her status. Although Gondwe regularly gets tested for HIV. Zambia is not known for being particularly open about ways to fight AIDS, and several members of Gondwe's Tumbuka people have reportedly told him that his circumcision (and reporting of it) was offensive.

That's right. An adult man chose to take steps to protect himself and his future sexual partners against the transmission of disease, and people have gotten offended. November 30th (or December 1 in the rest of the world), by the way, was World AIDS Day which was designed to bring attention to the disease and the need for a continuing commitment to combat its spread.

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