Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

* GOP says to the super rich, "Hey, we don't have any money but we hear that you do." [NYT]

* Bush and Rice: a personal bond that aligns policy... in the horizontal position! High five! [NYT]

* And when the dust settled, everyone was dead but Mike Huckabee. [WP, LAT]

* Candidates mention that super-secret thing they're not supposed to; you know, the one about how, like, we have no retirement possibility and no health care and have put off paying for the war for a generation. [WP]

* Voting approaches, and Hillary is merely the "one-time front runner." [Politico]

* Thompson shows signs of desperation, accuses Fox News of bias. [The Hill]

* So typical of Democrats to approach a problem with a glass-half-empty mentality. [The Hill]

* Thanks for all the memories, Trent Lott. [WT]


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