Party Report Card: Meet the New Guard, Same as the Old Guard. Basically.

CNN had a tiny little soiree last night at the Spy Museum, limited to only the very best of what they called "The New Guard...Washington's next generation of newsmakers." So that's what they call the B list these days. How B list? Beware a party with name tags, for it means you are not expect to recognize everyone. Still, there were enough A-listers there that we could probably give the whole party a B+ or so, with further points for decent wine and a top-shelf open bar. Grade the boldfaced names yourself! There were those who had to be there: John King, Judy Woodruff, Ron Brownstein, Wolf Blitzer, Candy Crowley, Jon Klein. There were those could have been elsewhere: the Trib's Jeff Zeleny, John Dickerson of TIME, DCCC's Rahm Emmanuel, power hostess Juleanna Glover-Weiss, Reliable Sourcette Anne Schoeder, Brad Dayspring of the Other NRA. And then there were the bloggers, who had nowhere else to go: Steve Clemons and The First Blogger in the White House Briefing Room. CNN clearly took a risk in saying the dress code was "business attire," but no one came in their pajamas. (Take that, Klein!)

Food: Tapas, including what was described by one guest as "sushi on a Tostito." Those not worried about carb face had the option of pasta. A-

Drink: Lots. Plymouth gin and Johnny Walker as rail pours. A

Commerce Transacted: "No, really, I love your posts on the Blog Report." A+

Key Fashion Accessory: Leftover pancake make-up, a kiss on the hand. B

Where Would They Rather Be: Ahead of Fox.

Also, we took a stab at this reporting thing we've heard so much about and asked if Abbi Tanton would be returning to the Blog Report and were told that she "just took the week off." We eagerly await her return.


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