Party Report Card: Scott Lindlaw Leaves Town

its never a bad time to check the berryThe White House Press Corps, the most fearless questioners in all the land, came together Saturday night to send off AP's Scott Lindlaw, who is leaving town with his ladyfriend, Vanessa Loftus. But it's not like these people need an excuse to drink. Hosts Mike Allen (WP), Dick Keil (Bloomberg), Olivier Knox (AFP), Jon D. Garcia (ABC) and Jason Reed (Rueters) toasted Lindlaw with a full quorum of the liberal media elite including CNN's John King, FN's James Rosen, WP's Mark Leibovich, Time's John Dickerson(ian), NYT's Anne Kornblut, and Reliable Sourcette Anne Schroeder. The admin's First Lady brigade (Gordon Johndroe and Rachel Sunbarger) and Juleanna Glover-Weiss filled out the fair and balanced portion of the evening. We heard Joe Lockhart showed up later (joining fellow Glover Park Groupie Mike Feldman) but by that point we were so drunk we could have been at Lockhart's and not have known the difference.

Food: Stetson's. Greasy bar food served by moderately good-humored barkeeps. B-

Drink: Open fucking bar. Bartender reused patron's glasses -- environmentally aware? Cheap? We like not knowing what round we're on, though. A

Commerce Transacted: "You working tomorrow? Is there an election tomorrow?" People might have gotten laid, unclear. B

Key Fashion Accessory: Faux traveling press schedule and laminated "credentials." This is the kind of town we live in, we wear dorky things around our necks for fun. C

Where Would They Rather Be: Skiing in Tahoe (where Lindlaw's headed).


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