Party Report Card: The Week Opinion Awards

There's nothing like an invented award to give a magazine invented respectability, unless it's an invented award backed by wads and wads of cash. The Week "Opinion Awards" -- co-sponsored by the think tank-ish country club Aspen Institute -- was first class all the way, except for the flight down from New York, which was American Eagle. We would like to do more panels that require staying at the Mandarin and getting a private tour of the Freer Gallery. (Walter Isaacson wouldn't let us leave until "I show you the Whistlers," insert your own joke here.) All that hobnobbing has a price, of course: We woke up with our lower back aching, perhaps because we spent so much time gazing into other people's navels. (I don't exactly remember, but I think I dared C-SPAN's Steve Scully to take a Jell-O shot out of mine.)

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Also, at our table, we got to see the results of the TIME Aryan political journalists breeding experiment: Matching blondes Jay Carney and John Dickerson. We look forward to seeing the females. Highlight of the evening (besides having a nice view of Matt Yglesias): A spry and clearly tetched Harry Evans bounding around the stage at the Mellon Auditorium, doing his best George Stephanopoulos impression. Don't think he's quite short enough. (Really: He was all over the fucking place. Free-associating, pretending he wasn't married to Tina Brown. It was like Dick Cavett meets Ali G. Loved it.) Second greatest highlight of the evening: We all love facts!

Food: Was there food? There was an open bar first, that's all I remember. B+

Drink: Top shelf. Wine with dinner did not have screw top. A

Commerce Transacted: Tabulating number of people who deserved drinks thrown in their faces. So many to choose from! Would you go for Malkin first, THEN the Richard Perle? What about Pat Robertson? He was on stage, so he'd be harder to hit.... Could a drink in his face possibly get Sydney Blumenthal to shut up? C+

Key Fashion Accessory: Peerage. A

Where Would They Rather Be: Back at the Mandarin.

'The Week' in Review: Magazine Awards Top Opinion Prize to Four [E&P]


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