Get a room, dudes!When it came to presidential endorsements, Senator Bob Casey always said he'd keep his nose out of Pennsylvanian affairs until after "the voters had decided" in their April 22 primary. Now, of course, he's getting all involved in politics like a typical politician. He will be endorsing Barack Obama today and accompanying him on a romantic bus tour after pretty much every other elected leader in Pennsylvania has come out for Hillary. What about the Healing, Senator Casey? How will Healing come to the Democratic party if people keep endorsing and voting?

Some insiders speculate that Obama and Clinton have both been avoiding Pennsylvania, perhaps because they don't want to appear to "like" it in that way. Obama in particular has given it the cold shoulder this month, either because he has written it off entirely or because making himself look like a hopeless loser now will make him look like less of a hopeless loser when he loses Pennsylvania by "only" 5 points or so.

In other Pennsylvania-related news, Mumia Abu-Jamal is still alive. Chew on that, hippies!

Bob Casey to endorse Obama, join bus tour [Philadelphia Inquirer]


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