Pat Robertson Imagines God as a Petty, Clownish Thug

pat_robertson.JPGWow. We haven't heard this sort of irrational backlash over a stroke since Fabrizio Moretti got engaged to Drew Barrymore. Deviating wildly from the Christian ethos that nearly universally posits that God is the wisest entity to ever create human free will out of a botched botanical experiment, Pat Robertson said yesterday that Ariel Sharon had his stroke because God was cheesed off at the way he was partitioning "His land."

Robertson's statement earned him his fair share of rebuke, from the White House on down, but Robertson never seems to really have to pay a price for the invidious emanations of his wafer-hole. Robertson, who usually credits natural disasters for having divine knowledge as to how well "It's Raining Men" is charting, thus continues to sully God's omniscient image by making him out to be a vindictive, cry-baby piker of the highest order. With all the concern being loudly voiced over NBC's mid-season replacement The Book of Daniel -- itself a wasted effort on a Friday night mid-season replacement that would likely have slipped from our cultural consciousness as unobtrusively as it came -- it's a real shame we can't to anything to stop Robertson's endless readings from The Book of Dick.


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