Pat Robertson, in Context

rjeremy.jpgUsually, when people say they've been "taken out of context," they mean their statements have been exaggerated somehow. Not Pat Robertson. Addressing the controversy surrounding his recent contention that the judiciary is a worse threat to the U.S. than "a few bearded terrorists," Robert wrote a letter to Senator Frank Lautenberg (D - NJ) saying that his words had been "taken out of context and then blown out of proportion." Then, he went on to explain that it wasn't actually judges he considered such a grave threat, but rather their power to remove school prayer and "sanction pornography." In other words, he's more worried about dirty talk than dirty bombs. Relax, Pat! Ron Jeremy's dick is bound to run out of ammunition sooner or later.

Carpetbagger Exclusive: Robertson responds to 'This Week' flap [Carpetbagger Report]


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