Patrick Kennedy: Drinking or Pill-Popping?

hawkdove.jpgRepresentative Kennedy was, according to his own statement, hopped up on goofballs at the time of his early-morning car wreck yesterday. The ol' Ambien defense, ya see. Which we believe is the same excuse used by John Kerry to justify his vote for the war resolution. But the Boston Herald might've hurt that alibi a bit:

U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy insisted yesterday that he had consumed "no alcohol" before he slammed his Mustang convertible into a concrete barrier near his office, but a hostess at a popular Capitol Hill watering hole told the Herald she saw him drinking in the hours before the crash.

"He was drinking a little bit," said the woman, who works at the Hawk & Dove and would not give her name.

In his defense, that could've been any Kennedy.

Pat, you clearly shouldn't be driving yourself around. For your own safety and the safety of others. Next time, hire a car service. We know a great one. Very discreet.

Pat cites pills in car wreck [Herald]


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