Patriot Drummer Banned From Luring Minnesotans To Ron Paul Booth


Ron Paul has unsurprisingly lost another round of that game he keeps on playing, called "Ron Paul vs. The World." This loss was suffered specifically by a one Colin Wilkinson, a Ron Paul supporter and time travel survivor, who was just "rattling his snare drum" like he did when the British were coming, when the horrible Minnesota State Fair freedom-haters came to ruin his one man parade.

Colin Wilkinson of St. Paul was at the State Fair Sunday, dressed in his patriot garb and rattling his snare drum to draw attraction to the Ron Paul for President booth on Nelson Street.

He was part of the general Fair cacophony, standing across from the DRN fish pond and near the KARE-11 booth and the reptile barn.

But about 3 p.m., Wilkinson was told by State Fair officials to stop the drumbeat.

"I was just informed that if I want to play my drum, I have to sign a contract and then stay inside the booth," Wilkinson said.

This was very upsetting news for a libertarian.

"I was just trying to direct people to the booth, so they could discuss important issues," said Wilkinson, who is often seen at conservative public gatherings, drumming in his uniform.

State Fair spokesperson Brienna Schuette said there's a Fair policy about such things.

"It's a very interesting history; it goes back to the Hare Krishnas [the religious sect that used to hand out information at airports and the Fair]," Schuette said.

Oh of course, blame it on the Hare Krishnas, even though this is just another example of awful government takeover of everything, Paul 2012! [MinnPost]


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