Patriot Games

If you're like Wonkette, you probably planned to spend the day curled up in large bowl frolicking with a butt plug of your own. That was before we learned that we have become Butterstick, under the watchful eye of the NSA's pandacam. The reports filed by the New York Times and the Washington Post certainly didn't help avert the foretold conclusion of today's Patriot Act vote: needing 60 votes to end debate on the bill's reauthorization, those who supported the act fell eight votes short.

It's certainly a weird time in the War on Terror. The administration wants full latitude to spy on Americans, refusing to discuss the whys and wherefores, but, at the same time, are happy to make big announcements about our secret plan to win the war in Iraq and then post that plan on the White House website. And our hopes in Iraq are further pinned to the Iraqi security forces, who, like they keep saying, have to get up, get on up so our troops can get down, get down -- the same Iraqi security forces who we learn today let Abu Musab al-Zarqawi go last year because they didn't recognize him when he was in custody.

Sometimes, it seems to us that safety and security are just a few legible wanted posters and a phone call to Colleen Rowley away. But, hell, by all means, keep making a list of every American who's checked out the freakin' DaVinci Code, and check it twice. Priorities, you know?


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