Patriotic Millionaire Brings Facts To Fox Ideology Fight


What has two thumbs and hates job creators? Fox News' Stuart Varney, that's who! Here, let us watch him argue at a Patriotic Millionaire as he patiently tries to explain why taxing millionaires will help fix the deficit.

It starts out like any other Fox News segment -- loud graphics, lots of noise, lots of moving animated gif thingies, and then Stuart Varney snorts (literally snorts) that there will be one of these "Patriotic Millionaire" people on his show.

STUART: It's good to see you! I totally disagree with you and you're utterly wrong, but it's good to see you!

What a welcome. Isn't that nice. You know who ELSE totally disagreed with Job Creators and felt they were utterly wrong?

STUART: The president, who is a commie socialist, wants to tax you even more money and you are OK with this, you commie scum traitor?

(Note: this is not a word-for-word transcription.)

PATRIOTIC MILLIONAIRE ERIC SCHOENBERG: Yes, well let's be clear about the context. We do have a deficit, and we do need to do something to get our fiscal house in order. And I'm not opposed to cutting, but if there is shared sacrifice and the wealthy have done very well in this economy and they need to be the ones to contribute.

VARNEY: [...] you'll pay extra taxes? You're prepared to do that? When is enough enough?

ERIC SCHOENBERG: He's not suggesting raising marginal rates; now he's suggesting something that was, in fact, proposed by the Republicans--

VARNEY: And you're prepared to do it? You're prepared to pay? When is enough enough???

ERIC SCHOENBERG: I don't think that's the right way to think about it ...

VARNEY: Yes it is! Yes it is!

ERIC SCHOENBERG: No it's not. It's thinking about what are the functions that the government needs to do, and then providing sufficient funding for the government to provide those functions.

What have we told you about bringing facts to an ideology fight, Eric Schoenberg, particularly on Fox News? Actually, we believe our position is that you should go for it, because it makes Fox News hosts throw temper tantrums, like Stuart Varney, who then proceeded to lecture Eric Schoenberg on what would happen if you took all the money that every American made over $250,000 per year. Do you KNOW what would happen, Eric Schoenberg? Do you EVEN KNOW? There would still be a debt, is what would happen. So take THAT, straw man! And Stuart Varney would suggest that THAT "is enough." (Hey! So would we!)

ERIC SCHOENBERG: I certainly wouldn't be in favor of a 100% tax rate.

STUART VARNEY: You can raise taxes all day long on the rich and you will not fix the debt, and you will hurt the economy.

ERIC SCHOENBERG: ...let me go back to the question, what is enough? ... I strongly suspect [when I do my taxes] that I'm going to be paying a rate of 20%. Is that enough? I don't think that's enough.

STUART VARNEY: [Talking point re: lowering tax rates, etc etc]

ERIC SCHOENBERG: We agree that we need to increase economic growth.

STUART VARNEY: You think that spending increases economic growth? We have spent all this money and we haven't gotten economic growth!

ERIC SCHOENBERG: Let's go back to the '90s, and...

STUART VARNEY: Let's not! Let's go back to 2008!

No, let's never go back to 2008, ever, Stuart Varney.

Update/correction: A bit of not-copied-right code initially caused the text portion -- you know, everything that wasn't the video -- of this post to not show up. Wonkette regrets the error. -- Dok Zoom

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