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FEED US - WonketteGood news, unpaid child slaves of The Hill: folks are lookin' out for you! Specifically, dangerous hippie folks. First, we received an email from "Campus Progress" announcing their 2nd Annual Intern Free Food-a-Thon.

The details: Next week, Campus Progress interns will compete, two a day, where they will document their meals/snacks/crumbs from the floor, all of which must be free (not previously bought by the eater or purchased immediately before by another party specifically for the eater). They'll scramble for that last pig-in-blanket, angle for that mini muffin, and schmooze their way into that fancy embassy cocktail party.

After that dehumanizing spectacle, they'll pit two interns a day against each other in an embarrassing battle of gluttony -- the poor kids will be forced to find and consume as as much terrible coffee and stale baked goods as they can keep down as their elders and employers look on and cackle with glee.

Thank god, then, for Dennis Kucinich, whose campaign alerted us to the opportunity to "adopt" an intern -- just like Michele Bachmann!

Remember when you were young, eager and full of energy; ready to take on the world and willing to do whatever it takes to do it?

Remember the days of hopping in the car or bus for that matter to go to that rally, or help that candidate that stood up for what we knew was right?

But apparently you can make a recurring monthly donation to ensure that underaged Kucinich volunteers don't starve to death on the campaign trail. Sally Struthers urges you to look at their cute little faces and click here.

Contribute [Kucinich for President]

God Bless America... and Food [CampusProgress]


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