Paul Begs Bank for Moral Debt Forgiveness

Shoeless Paul Wolfowitz is going to go before the board of the World Bank and tell them they'll have to either fire him, something they don't really know how to do, or give him $400k and say it's their own fault. Only on those conditions will he actually give in and resign.

Paul is fucking nuts, but we're beginning to develop a grudging respect for him. Because the bank board is probably going to give in to his demands.

Wolfowitz has been asked by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulsen (the only sensible person in the administration?) to resign already, but Paul kinda likes the option where he "tears the World Bank apart" according to Steve Clemons.

While $400k would convince us to resign from just about anything (cough cough oh hey, Nick), we think Paul should make a couple more demands of the World Bank board.

* Even after he resigns, unlimited free checking.

* New dinette set.

* Gets to keep the ergonomic chair at his World Bank office, it's the only one he's found that actually helps his back.

* Option to get all future girlfriends awesome World Bank jobs.

* Bank must give Scotland a large development loan to be repayed in Scotch, sent directly to Christopher Hitchens.

* Bank must promise to continue being evil and ineffective even without Paul Wolfowitz in charge.

Wolfowitz Resignation Deal in the Works [Washington Note]


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