Paul Krugman Wants To Spend So Much Money, For Fun

The New York Times' Nobel laureate beardclown Paul Krugman has quite a Keynes Boner in this morning's column. He wants the Obama administration to flood as much money as possible into the government and not to be dandies about Debt. You know that famous socialist president FDR? Well he was a pussy: "One of these prejudices is the fear of red ink. In normal times, it’s good to worry about the budget deficit — and fiscal responsibility is a virtue we’ll need to relearn as soon as this crisis is past. When depression economics prevails, however, this virtue becomes a vice. F.D.R.’s premature attempt to balance the budget in 1937 almost destroyed the New Deal." Sure! If the Chinese will pay for Obama's non-lame New Deal, then hey, why not, rock 'n' roll, where's my refundable tax credit already? [NYT]

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