Paultard Blimp Delayed, Delayed, Somehow Delayed More

the hobbits at workI don't know why I keep building up false hopes, but the Paultard Blimp's expected launch from Elizabeth City, NC this morning has been postponedagain. Now the Blimptards won't fly until Friday morning, although they still expect to teabag Boston by Sunday. My ass! Why must they be the purveyors of such false hope? And how can we assume, with even a modicum of confidence, that this will fly at all -- that it's even real! -- when the reason for the latest delay is that they can't get the banners ready in time? Let's see what Ron Paul Forums has to say about this incompetence.

Paultard Forums "Senior Member" Mckarnin broke the news late yesterday that um, basically, they didn't get their shit together in time:

The banner company tried to ship the first banner on a plane but ended up needing 4 weeks notice (for security) for a cargo shipment so it is travelling to the blimp UPS and should be there by tommorow (the 12th) AM. The second banner will arrive by Thursday (the 13th). Please keep in mind that the manager at the hangar has expressed his amazement that we got a banner into production so quickly. He has explicity told us that blimp banners usually take MONTHS to design, order and produce. The corporate manager told me today that a lot of companies can't get things together well enough to fly in much more time than we have had. So, please be patient. (emphasis ours)

Months?? Can't you just find a decent printer to shit out that "rEVOLution" malarkey in like 20 minutes? Or at least write it on a big thing of cardboard and duct tape it, in true Paultard fashion?

Oh, but we underestimate the size of the Paultard Blimp, it would seem:

There are only 2 hangars in the Eastern US that can hold something as big as the future Ron Paul blimp. One of them is the hangar where it is now in Elizabeth City, NC...the other is in New Jersey. Unfortunately the one in New Jersey is highly subject to winds and winter weather in the area and the blimp cannot enter or get out unless the weather cooperates, so it has been decided that the second banner will almost certainly go on in the hangar in NC before the blimp's innaugural launch.

Two hangars. Huh. I suppose when the blimp gets to Boston it's gonna rest, I don't know, under the infield tarp in Fenway fucking Park??!

I wants a blimp, and I wants a blimp now! Can't we just tie teh Huckbeez family together with twine and float that shit over the Federal Reserve instead?

[Ron Paul Blimp]


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