Paultard Blimp Impossible to See?

whuzzitsay?Numerous tipsters in our Baltimore district have sent in witness reports today of the Paultard Blimp, which surprisingly wasn't shot down as it flew overhead. As it happens, however, the blimp is a small target; its two (there are two now!) banners are Paultardedly small in font size. After the jump, one reader's account of how this Paultarded "get the message out" venture doesn't at all... you know... work.

Baltimore's got blimp -- or did about an hour ago as I drove home. Two words for the Paul Pilots:


The blimp itself was visible fr/ at least 3 miles away (Cherry Hill, Harbor Hospital; likely not a lot of Paultards at either location) but its label was unreadable until I was practically underneath it in tonier Federal Hill (stockbrokers, libertarians, gun nuts -- right in his wheelhouse, no?).

"If a blimp floats though the air but nobody reads it, does it really say anything?"

Maybe unawares spotters thought it said "Foogle Ron, Paul," and Foogling is also a great way to spread political messages. Wonkette totally urges its friend Paul to Foogle this Ron guy.


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