Paultard Blimp To Fly, Teabag Boston

one stop for the shire's finest weedDonations for the Paultard Blimp reached the necessary $200,000 threshold this morning, meaning it will set sail (hover?) Monday from Elizabeth City, NC en route to Boston for its Tea Party on Dec. 16. Instinctively, we checked Ron Paul Forums to see what the latest Paultard step would be, and it involves mass pollution.

They're debating whether to dump tea from the blimp into Boston Harbor. Longshoremen and fish of Boston are urged to take caution, if only for a "pinch":



Well if they "doubt" a flying teabag bomb will kill someone, then I guess it won't.

Dump Tea from the Blimp? [Ron Paul Forums]

[Ron Paul Blimp]


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