Paultard Moneybomb an Abject Failure

teapartytally.jpgI was going to wait until after midnight to post the results of the Dec. 16 Paultard moneybomb, but, well, reloading Ron Paul Graphs every 15 minutes takes its toll on the ol' patience. It appears that "Tea Party 07" will accrue $6+ million dollars, breaking the $4.3 million dollar tally from the Nov. 5 moneybomb.

This figure was determined by applying advanced algebraic extrapolations to on the accompanying graph trend line -- in other words, I looked at the line and said "I bet it will end up there." OK, so I'm not a mathematician. I can, however, determine that (a) $6.something mil doesn't reach the 'tards $10 million dollar goal and (b) Paul's 4% national polling average probably won't win teh elekshinz. So the bomb was, in fact, a bomb, and thousands of people are broke as a result.

[Tea Party 07]


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