Paultard Motorist Penalized For Massive R[LOVE!]ution Sticker

Cody Hauer, a Paultard in Owatonna, Minnesota, fancies decorating his car with various Ron Paul stickers. And now the CIA FBI DEA DOJ NBA and ATF are all after him! These cars stickers may cost him $550 "following four citations in one week from the Owatonna Police Department for having a $40 window decal on the rear window of his Buick Park Avenue." Says Mr. Hauer, "I support Ron Paul, the city police department doesn't... They gave me a DWR - driving while Republican." These DWRs sound like a pretty great idea. But there's more!

This is no Freedom-hating "bumper sticker" that Hauer has on his car. It's actually the biggest decal on the planet, maybe:

Hauer had a 13-inch-by-40-inch decal affirming his support for the "Ron Paul Revolution." The decal took up most of the window with red and white lettering, while mini decals advertising Paul's presidential Web site adorn the bottom of his passenger windows.

Hauer, however, has various super powers that allow him to see through things. Super powers, of course, are what you gain when you understand the importance of the gold standard, and Liberty:

"I think it's stupid," Hauer said. "You can see just about as much out of any other window."

Have some pity on us mortals, Hauer. We hope to "see" like you, one day. RON PAUL 2012-16-20-24-FOREVER!!!!

Obstructing the view [Owatonna People's Press via Philadelphia Will Do]


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