Paultardpalooza Apparently A Roaring Success

Paultardpalooza Apparently A Roaring Success

It's now well after 1 p.m. and we haven't heard anything from editor Jim Newell, so we have to assume he's either in jail or rigorously pursuing his vow to "fuck 50 paultards" in the woods somewhere, or maybe in the reflecting pool. All we have are some drunken comments from the Wonkette operatives who bravely showed up at 9:30 a.m. toget drunk and make fun of the Ron Paul March of Liberty Upon Washington, the Scarlet Whore Snake City.

(Yes, yes, and we know Tony Snow died very early this morning, of cancer. RIP Tony; you were our favorite spokesperson of this administration, by far, even if we never believed a word you said. We will return to obituaries on Monday, but for now we must report on frivolous summer activities.)

On to the Paultardpalooza dispatches:

  • Another DC Lawyer (Again) says at 10:20 am, July 12th, 2008: Tune Inn is filling up…Newell says take photos of Paultards on the metro…several sightings so far…the tri-corner hats are a giveaway…
  • Another DC Lawyer (Again) says at 11:56 am, July 12th, 2008: Well, I just left PaulStock…hardy Wonketeers were holding on with some outstanding signage (Mad props to the “Big Sale on Truck Nutz” — IN ARABIC!– sign. That rocked).

    Special shout out to Layne via Newell, who, seriously, PAID FOR ALL THE DRINKS at the Tune Inn. An outstanding gesture.

    Bigger hobbit showing than I expected actually, there will be some fine photos coming from our intrepid photogs. A good mix of “9/11 truthers”, Elves with +20 cloaks of invisibility (we saw you Dennis!), Gold Standarders, and various hangers on. The also had a song. It went something like “Ron Paul, Constitution, Don’t Kill Babies, President Paul, Rah!” Or words to that effect.

    A good time had by all.

  • Another DC Lawyer (Again) says at 12:16 pm, July 12th, 2008: KevoTron: If it makes you feel any better I am now at work…

    Paultard reaction was pretty “meh” mostly because given the sheer level of crazy, we looked relatively normal. Really, compared to some signs and groups, we looked like a Methodist knitting circle. The amazing part was what people we were willing to do to have their picture taken…there’s a teaser for the photos to come…

  • Another DC Lawyer (Again) says at 12:38 pm, July 12th, 2008: Gopherit v2.0: Nothing that shocking I’m afraid…more along the lines of “would you hold your Ron Paul sign upside down and let me take a picture of you? You would, excellent thanks!” Sad, actually. There’s probably some sad commentary on the state of our “look at me” society in there somewhere…

Wait a minute .... All the eyewitness reports come from beloved Wonkette commenter "Another DC Lawyer (Again)." But there are promises of photos, photos, photos. Soon.

Meanwhile, cringe at the "live audio broadcast" here. Jesus christ, are there even twenty people at this thing?


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