Paultards Attack Schoolteacher For Random Blog Post

There is a Livejournal user named "Makkabee," and he is a schoolteacher, for children. The other day he wrote on his personal blog about teaching his students to make fun of Ron Paul during Social Studies sessions, as every member of America's elite educational corps should. Naturally, the Paultards have responded by posting his name, phone number and address on Ron Paul Forums, with threats and "those kinds" of comments they do.

Hilarious, was the offending teacher's post:

Then we talked about line graphs showing change in a single measure over time and I used what I could remember of Republican polls going back to last year to show the rise and fall of candidates' fortunes. I made up my data, but made sure it followed the general trends. Giuliani's lead in the polls disintegrating as the months went by, McCain's free-fall and revival, Huckabee's rise, and Ron Paul's Ron-Paulitude.

That was actually the best part for me -- getting to make fun of Ron Paul and getting all the students to join in. Didn't even have to attack his assinine policies, just showed him on the bottom of the GOP opinion polls month after month, and every time I added a new month's worth of Data and talked about the other candidates rising or falling, and extending the lines on their graphs, I'd end with "and Ron Paul stayed flat" and add another segment to his straight line near the zero marker. The kids loved the running gag. They started to join in, chorusing "and Ron Paul stayed flat!" Some of them even got a little impatient as I talked about the rest of the candidates: "and what about Ron Paul?" "He stayed flat." Cheers. :-D "And Fred Thompson dropped out of the race, dropping his numbers to zero, so Ron Paul finally got ahead of someone." Laughter. It was sweet.

Loyal Wonkette readers could've predicted this follow-up post by Makkabee the next day:

In response to my blog poking fun at Ron Paul in a fairly gentle way, his supporters have poured out from under their bridges, posted my address and phone number on their websites, reported on my planned movements (they've let supporters know I'll be at SheVaCon) and have vowed to contact my superintendant to get me fired.

While the Ron Paul Forums page is locked, and your Wonkette still has no interest in getting a user name, here are some of the choice comments from Makkabee's original post:

* This is exactly what's wrong with public schools. Children are not taught to think "outside the box". If someone's opinion doesn't match up with the majority, this is reason for mockery? You know, the amount of people who wanted to fight a revolution against the British was relatively small at first. The majority of those loyal to the crown mocked the revolutionaries saying there's no way they could win a war. Thank god people changed their minds.

* Here in germany i wouldn't hesitate a single second and sue you for misuse of authority over adolescents, wich is exactly what you did. Any expression of political preference does not belong in the classroom, even more so when we're talking about the teachers preference. Your behaviour is disgusting and you should be facing consequences. I personally will look into ways to report your obvious misleadings to your authorities.

* oh, you'll feel a lot better soon... When you're forced to move to another state if you want to continue teaching... That's the trouble with the Big Brother you support, it really makes life hard when a few dozen ethics complaints come flooding in.

* You are absolute SCUM!! Making "fun" of Ron Paul? The only honest candidate in the race, who is not bought and paid for like the other hacks. The only candidate with REAL solutions to our massive problems. Shame on you. Unbelievable!!

* I hope you get fired and flunk out of religious tolerance.

Don't they understand that small children can't vote?

Makkabee: Sneaking In Some Social Studies [LiveJournal]


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