Paultards Force Cancellation of San Fran Straw Poll!

tard'dLast night's program for the San Francisco Republican Straw Poll apparently came to an abrupt halt after an influx of Paultards flooded the room shortly before voting was to commence. The full event cost $33 and opened with a banquet and an hour-long keynote speaker (some state senator). To just attend the voting portion afterwards, however, it cost $5. That, of course, is when the illegal alien spambot invasion commenced, and the vote was cancelled. Video and more, after the jump.

[youtube expand=1]

According to the angry $33-payer who posted this video, classic Paultardism was at play:

I paid my $33 for the dinner and vote. A $5 option was also offered to vote after the festivities. We patiently listened to the guest speaker support Fred Thompson and talk on the issues of water and budget problems in California. They then held a raffle, while all the "cheap" voters waited in the lobby. When they finally let them in, the room was flooded with Ron Paul supporters and the organizer notified us the poll was cancelled. I started the video after the initial announcement and pandemonium broke out. The sudden cancellation and an attempt to change the rules, understandably, upset quite a few people.

An attendee, Jerry Cullen, writes on Lew Rockwell's Paultarded blog with more (Paultarded) details:

"A shocked [event organizer] Gail Neira in consultation with the Fred Thompson Northern CA Coordinator cancelled the straw poll vote offering a series of fraudulent, incomprehensible and incoherent reasons. The result was chaos as more than one hundred Ron Paul supporters objected to the outright deception. Neira's ratings reached a level of unreality beyond description. Security was called to evict the peaceful if upset Ron Paul followers. When I asked that a picture be taken to attest to security attacking the 79-year-old me, security turned and disappeared."

We hear word that the Paultards were actually forced to leave because they had parked their blimp in a handicap spot.

SF Republican Establishment vs. Ron Paul [Lew Rockwell]

SF Straw Poll Cancelled [YouTube]


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