Paultards 'Freak Out' NH Clerk

rpconcord.jpgJennifer Call, the town clerk of Sutton, NH -- the "Portsmouth of Merrimack County" -- mistakenly reported zero votes for Ron Paul in her district last Tuesday, when he really had 31 (out of 920). Although she corrected the error shortly thereafter, she was quick to notice her name "being splashed across the internet as this horrible person." Jennifer Call, meet the Paultards.

Other small town clerks be warned:

Others in the office received calls and e-mails. But Call was the name out front, the town clerk as well as the tax collector. She was labeled the brains behind the plot. She had the biggest target on her back.

The assault picked up after lunch. Paul supporters phoning Call claimed to be from the media. Others just yelled, saying she had committed treason, fraud. One person said she should be shot. She received as many as 40 calls that day.

Aww honey, don't worry! They put out death threats all the time, only to get distracted by World of Warcraft:

She went home and locked her doors. She called her mother in North Carolina. She cried. The calls kept coming. She unhooked her answering machine and requested an unlisted number.

"I was drained emotionally and physically," Call said. "That's when I really started to freak out. Thursday it hit me, that most of these people are not rational. That's when I became scared."

Not to say I told you so, but I told you so: Ron Paul's crappy fifth place showing in New Hampshire was entirely the result of Paultards scaring the bejesus out of decent New Hampshirianites. OK, maybe his shit policies also played a role, but still: Keep it up, guys! Spread that message of freedom loudly! Suckers.

Paul supporters 'freak out' town clerk [Concord Monitor]


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