Paultards Launch Hot Air Balloon Over SC Freeway to Remind People Paul Exists


Disciples of roguish Ron descended on the northern regions of South Carolina with a sunny yellow van and a hot air balloon Thursday morning, hovering the giant balloon, draped in two very small, not terribly convincing Ron Paul signs, over a frontage road off I-85 near Greenville. The ballooners told a local TV station, while standing in front of a billboard that reads "Massage Envy," that they were just "pleading with people to go vote for Ron Paul in the primary. We wanted to be seen.” (The mere sight of the thing appeared to back up traffic for four miles, so great job.) Anyway, "pleading"! Indeed, we forgot the man was still in the race. The dudes were promptly given a citation for "improper lane use," and enraged commuters will now vote for Herman Cain in protest. [Raw Story]


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