Paultards Preparing Convention Coup

paulbike.jpgSo. Ron Paul wins nothing, ever. Fortunately -- according to our dear friends at Ron Paul Forums -- every delegate will exercise his or her right to vote for Ron Paul at the convention.

Why? Never, ever ask why:

Is your eyebrow raising? Are you getting it yet?!! You're starting to smirk, aren't you? Yessssss, suddenly, all those supposed state delegates that the candidate "thought" he had in the bag from the states (according the media and beauty contests) now suddenly don't look too promising, because they (the delegates) now have the power, and more importantly, the right to change their mind. Now here's the beauty of it all -- there is NOTHING anyone can do about it.

Indeed, there is no actual argument to thwart this theory.

[Ron Paul Forums]


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