Paultards Revealed To Be Robot Spammers

the ron paul revolution breaks from time-space continuumIn their continuing quest to destroy the world, Ron Paul supporters have been stepping up their spamming efforts through the employ of rogue spambots. According to the University of Alabama-Birmingham's computer forensics research department -- which has some project where they read spam messages all day -- many of the Paultards' e-mails are "clearly not coming from Ron Paul's official campaign, but rather illegitimate spam operations and botnets."

We still fail to see the difference between Ron Paul and amoral Internet robots, but since UAB began to study Paul's e-mails, they've detected a distinctly cyborgian flavor to them:

When it began getting bombarded with e-mails about Ron Paul immediately following a Republican debate on TV, the lab began to examine their origin and saw consistent patterns that it described as "disturbing."

Paultardian spambots might be illegal, too. Illegal alien spambots!:

"We've seen many previous e-mails reported as spam from other campaigns or parties, but when we've investigated them, they all were sent from the legitimate parties," department director Gary Warner said in a statement. In contrast, the Ron Paul messages clearly came from a number of other parties attempting to spoof where they came from. Paul's campaign may run afoul of the authorities as a result of these e-mails. Warner believes that the messages may violate the CAN-SPAM Act due to their deceptive sending practices.

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer wants to give driver's licenses to these spambots, but we will settle for no such "amnesty." The Paultards and their robots must all be deported to a secret IP address in the Gobi Desert, or the American people lose.

Researchers: Ron Paul e-mails originating from spambots [Ars Technica]


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