Pay Insane Amount Of Money To Send Partisan Piece Of Paper To Congress!


Someone has just informed your Wonkette of the latest terrible web site, "SEND CONGRESS A PINK SLIP." You can get the organization behind this effort to send a piece of paper to members of Congress threatening to vote against them in 2010 if they vote for "Government Health Care," "Cap & Trade," "'Hate Crimes'" or, the best of all, "Any More Spending." The prototypical pink slip threatens, "If you vote for ANY of these, your REAL PINK SLIP WILL BE ISSUED IN THE NEXT ELECTION." WE WILL KILL YOU WITH GUNS. But who is behind this effort -- certainly there's too much graphic design here for Red State to handle, yes? -- and what could they want?

Oh look, the link takes us to the World Net Daily Superstore!

What a great way to spend thirty dollars. I'MA FAHR U.

[Send Congress A Pink Slip]


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