PBS Boss to Liberals: Put Up or Shut Up

tuckerbuster.jpgPerception: Corporation for Public Broadcasting Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson wants to replace the cuddly liberalism of Buster the Bunny with the snazzy conservatism of Tucker Carlson. Reality: It's about money, not ideology. Here's Tomlinson in a Washington Times op-ed today:

This was brought home to me in November 2003 by a phone call from an old friend complaining about Mr. Moyers' bias and the lack of balance on the Friday evening lineup. He explained the foundation he heads made a six-figure contribution to his local public television station for digital conversion. But he declared there would be no more contributions until something was done about the network's bias....I hope liberal fans of the show back their support of the show with generous contributions to public television.

PBS Dial Dynamics [Washington Times]


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