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Tonight on the News Hour: Jim Leher eats himself. Which we would pay to see if it actually involved some kind circus contortions, but nooooooo, it's just "CHECKING THE NEWS MEDIA'S FACT-CHECKING." Right. See, the media stands as a watchdog to politicians who spin facts, but then you have your blogs, unspin the spin of the media who then checks the facts of the blogs while the politicians use the blogs to spin some facts that then the media. . . oh, whatever. The News Hour is looking into it, ok?

Amid the usual flurry of spin, counter-spin and commentary following the presidential debates, many news organizations started to conduct their own instant analysis to verify the accuracy of the candidates' statements. . . But, how well are news organizations vetting the ads and speeches? Also, are the media holding both campaigns equally accountable for factual inaccuracies?

That one could crawl so far up one's own ass and still not have Santorum be interested just proves that public television can make anything boring.

The News Hour Media Watch [PBS.org]


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