Peggy Noonan Disparages 'Menacing If Increasingly Antique' Black Rapsmiths!


There's really only one sentence in Lady Peggy Noonington de Rothschild'sWall Street Journal column today worth reading, but it is, as les Française would say, un crescendo magnifique. (PSST: WE DON'T KNOW THE FROG WORD FOR "CRESCENDO.") Allez: "The phrase I often worriedly think of when I see, on television, gross violence, cruelty, a vulgarity of character, erectile dysfunction ads, news reports that reflect a mean and cynical attitude toward America, and still-menacing if increasingly antique rappers is: The children are watching." It is these problems five that our beloved frau hopes to see vanquished under the princely young president Africanus, whom the children frequently view on the television machine. [WSJ]


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