Peggy Noonan Knows That Even Democrats Will Not Be That Sad When Obama Loses

Peggy Noonan Knows That Even Democrats Will Not Be That Sad When Obama Loses

What ho,a missive from Ol' Whatsername, the Dowager Countess, Peggeth Blah Blah Etc. (PEGGY NOONAN. HER NAME IS PEGGY NOONAN AND SHE WOULD LIKE TO SMOKE SOME MARIJUANA.) Peggy Noonan is sorry -- really, you can feel her tender concern -- at Barack Obama's stubborn insistence on dividing the country and making Republicans hate him. It is his fault, though; he did insist on being and winning election as a Democrat, and a "suntanned" one at that. But Peggy has a particular bill of charges against His Excellency The Great Usurper, and if the bailiff would read them now:

*For he has been too clever and "devious" in forging a compromise that would allow women to have basic preventative care covered by their insurance while also keeping the Church from having to pay for it.

Then his operatives flooded the airwaves with dishonest—not wrongheaded, dishonest—charges that those who defend the church's religious liberties are trying to take away your contraceptives.

It is also dishonest to point out that the Church getting its Holy Balls in an Uproar over an insurance company offering contraception to its employees when it has no hand in paying for it seems to be the very epitome of the Church trying to take away your contraceptives. Because we are dishonest.

*For he has been Creepy in colluding with Our Number One Enemy The Russians.

There was the open-mic conversation with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in which Mr. Obama pleaded for "space" and said he will have "more flexibility" in his negotiations once the election is over and those pesky voters have done their thing.

Because it would be dishonest of President Terrible to acknowledge reality in that before an election he can count on getting even less support from Congress than usual.

*For he has been both too underwhelming and too whelming in his remarks on the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

At the end of the day, the public reaction seemed to be: "Hey buddy, we don't need you to personalize what is already too dramatic, it's not about you."

We go to different cocktail parties than does Ms. Noonan, and apparently know a different "public" as well. Also we are dishonest.

*For he is a poor simpleton who doesn't understand the Constitution.

Now this week the Supreme Court arguments on ObamaCare, which have made that law look so hollow, so careless, that it amounts to a characterological indictment of the administration. The constitutional law professor from the University of Chicago didn't notice the centerpiece of his agenda was not constitutional? How did that happen?

Ooooh, oooooh, pick me! Pick me! "It happened because every single person who had ever supported this reform -- i.e., every single Republican back when it was a Hoover Institute Heritage Foundation proposal and a Mitt Romney program, because the Impostor does have a sad tendency to try to compromise too much -- has now discovered it is unconstitutional when passed by a Democrat." Too easy, try something harder please.

*For he has ignored the economy in favor of health care.

The president had his mind on health care. And, to be fair-minded, health care was part of the economic story. But only a part! And not the most urgent part. Not the most frightening, distressing, immediate part. Not the 'Is America over?' part.

So what we're hearing is: Peggy Noonan has insurance. That is very nice for her! Next time she is an unemployed single mother without insurance and the radiologist is making "oh shit" faces about the breast masses while stammering that she doesn't have a breast cancer diagnosis "yet," she can be sure to tell us how not frightening, not distressing, and not immediate it is.

*For he has not made cooperation happen.

An American president has to make cooperation happen.


*For even his supporters will not be that sad when he loses.

If you jumped into a time machine to the day after the election, in November, 2012, and saw a headline saying "Obama Loses," do you imagine that would be followed by widespread sadness, pain and a rending of garments? You do not. Even his own supporters will not be that sad.

Peggy Noonan saw a Mexican once, so she knows how we feel about Hopey, which is, of course: BURN HIM. [WSJ]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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