Peggy Noonan Squeezes In Seven Or Eight Words On Daily Show


America's writerly regal Queen Of Inkwells & Wordsmithery, Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, was last night's guest on comedy's Daily Show. She was in top form early on and we laughed at literally every word she said. And yet, what happened here?

The way she so delicately orates to the mortals about our current epoch... that bizarre combination of Victorian couth and Renaissance humanism with an aftertaste of pothead dime-store eschatology... Noonington shall save the politicks with ten thousand thousand points of Light! Huh?

But really, this was one of the weirdest Daily Show interviews ever. Jon Stewart's weakness has always been interrupting his guests with either a one-liner or a political rant, whichever scores more immediate applause, because it's a comedy show, but he very nearly lost himself in this one. Which is great, because Peggy looks so frightened by this human who is for some reason shouting at her. Anyone else noticed how easily the times are turning political comedy people into RANTERS?

Daily Show: Peggy Noonan [Comedy Central]


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