Peggy Noonan Wishes To Disremember Those Uncouth Torture Episodes


[youtube expand=1]

Oh fignewtons, someone telephone the slaves at Grey Gardens, it seems a tenant has meandered through the gate during her noontime perambulations and landed on the television set! Here is Ms. Peggy Noonington on the George Stephanopoulos program alongside George Will. George Will! He must have forwarded Peggy e-mails about this torture memo business, and again, THAT IS NOT NICE, you know how she gets. She wants to forget she ever read the wretched things! O, the night terrors! "Some of life has to be mysterious," she opines, poetically, about this issue of state-ordered torture. But mere crickets in the hedgerows, these lawyers... crickets in the... [Huffington Post]


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