Pelosi, CIA Should Have One Of Those Twitter Fights, Loser Goes To Jail


Nancy Pelosi reiterated during a press conference this morning that when she received a CIA briefing on "enhanced interrogations techniques" in the fall of 2002, she was not told about waterboarding, but she was told that everything else they were doing was LEGAL, backed by LEGAL OPINIONS. This contradicts a CIA memo released last week showing that Pelosi knew about waterboarding and loved it so much. Pelosi and the CIA are each calling each other terrible liars. They're both right!

We just assumed that Nancy Pelosi was lying, because that's what she does whenever she opens her mouth, and the whole point of the CIA is to lie about everything. To Pelosi's credit, though, she still wants to see those old CIA briefings declassified, and she still wants a Truth Commission.

But to answer your question, Republican leaders: no, we do not care if Nancy Pelosi gets thrown in jail with the rest of 'em, and take Harry Reid while you're at it. (Seriously, just drum up charges on Harry Reid. No one will protest.) Although the case against Pelosi does seem slightly less powerful than the one against the people who drew up and authorized this program to get false intelligence about Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda's connections...

IN SUM: Today's press conference was clearly Nancy Pelosi's "Sister Soulja moment on national security."

[Atlantic, Washington Post]


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