Pennsylvania's Beauty Queen/Fake Job/Cigar Store/Car Sex Scandal


Hey, here is a sexy state scandal while we wait for Hopey toset up his podium 'n stuff! Pennsylvania State House Majority Leader H. William DeWeese might have to resign because his chief of staff allegedly hired some youngster he (the chief of staff, Michael Manzo) was banging to do pretty much nothing for $30,000 a year. Because all these people are Democrats, it's a boring heterosexual affair, and while this story could be improved if the gal had been making, oh, ten times that pitiful amount, we'll work with it. Hilarious details after the jump.

  • Angela Bertugli, the woman in question, was Waynesburg's Miss Rain Day 2001.
  • Ah, hmm, what else. This, from tipster "Mike": "He met the young woman in a bar and after screwing her in his car, he put her on the state payroll." (This is a good tip because it rhymes, and it is about car sex.)
  • Oh yowch this from the grand jury: “In a retrospective review of the above-described events, Bertugli concluded, with certainty, that Manzo hired her because she was having sex with him.”
  • This young intern lady also got her apartment paid for and a $7,000 bonus, even though she admits she was spending "70 percent of the time" doing law school homework. Hey, at least she was in law school! And doing her homework!
  • This woman performed her fake job from an office above a cigar store in Pittsburgh. That's glamour.
  • DeWeese's defenders are wondering WTF any of this has to do with him.
  • Smith calls for DeWeese to resign [The Almanac]

    Former beauty queen was ‘smart, active’ as college student [Times Online]


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