Pentagon Press Briefing: Iraq Stuck in Reruns

pentagon.jpgPresident Bush just got finished with his press conference at the Pentagon, in which he detailed his latest Pentagon briefing. From the sounds of things, each Pentagon briefing is much the same as all the others -- freedom is marching, constant elections will soon replace potable water as a source of refreshment, a new Middle Eastern government based on Sharia law is just what the American taxpayers wanted, the Iraqi forces are well on their way to retaking Hadrian's Wall from the Celtic hordes, et cetera, ad infinitum, with liberty and justice for all, strategery.

Of course, establishing a withdrawal timetable is still "playing politics." And, of course, we all know that in this year of off-year elections, it's secretly understood that the political timetable favors "playing withdrawal."

Look, Iraq is headed for some sort of future. We really hope that it turns out well. And we don't want to simply heap criticism upon the whole project without also contributing to a constructive idea that will help the future of the region, so here is ours: when the next President of Iraq asks us to sell him some poison gas, maybe let's not. Okay?


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