Pentagon Under Attack! (Two Bullets Hit Pentagon)


The Devil Will See You Now.The world's primary buyer and user of weaponry was itself attacked by a weapon today, when two shots were tragically fired at the terrible war building, by somebody somewhere (the woods?). According to Reuters, "there were no injuries or significant damage," which marks the first time the Pentagon has been involved in anything that didn't lead to injuries or significant damage. This may, however, be part of a shocking series of solitary, harmless attacks on military buildings in Northern Virginia!

Today's impressive attack upon the Pentagon happened in the wee small hours, and after a brief lockdown everything was "open for business" again by about 5:30 a.m. Security has been much tighter around the Defense Department headquarters since another "lone gunman" ran up to an entrance and started firing in May of this year, wounding two guards and getting himself shot dead in the process.

But was the seemingly random shoot-and-run today connected to another seemingly random gunfire incident outside the Marine Museum in Quantico? As usual, there's no way to know, but authorities caution that we may need to walk through many more of those "let some bacon-mouthed high-school dropouts gawk at you, naked" machines, for freedom. [ABC/Reuters]


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