People On Internet Were Mean To Pepper-Spraying Cop And Now He Will Get All The Monies


Do you guys remember pepper-spraying cop? Way back in 2011, he was the dude that justwent full-on YOLO on a bunch of peaceful Occupy protesters at UC Davis and pepper-sprayed them while they were peacefully chilling on a sidewalk. Remember? That guy pretty much sucks at life, and actually managed to get hisself fired, which is actually pretty surprising for being a pepper-spraying cop. Being videotaped being an aggressive douchebag and ultimately losing his job over the whole thing has given pepper-spraying cop a case of the sads and he needs to maybe get some monies for how sad he is:

The former police lieutenant who became the target of worldwide ire after dousing Occupy UC Davis protesters with pepper spray, John Pike, is appealing for worker’s compensation, claiming psychiatric injury caused by the Nov. 18, 2011, incident.

Lolwhut? Spraying a bunch of sitting-down-not-violent peoples gave YOU the injury, pepper-spraying cop? KIND OF UNPOSSIBLE. Oh, he is probably injured because of all the people yelling at him after he was caught on video being pepper-spraying cop:

Video footage and photographs of the pepper-spraying went viral overnight. Pike became the subject of a mocking Internet meme and hackers posted his personal information online...

Among the irate, often vulgar email messages later provided to the media as a result of public records requests were some that threatened Pike and his family.

That is actually bad! People please stop doing this Anonymous-type shit where you give people's public information to the pack of wild dogs that is the faceless Internet. No one wins if you yell at clouds and threaten pepper-spraying cop's family. Pepper-spraying cop is probably legit traumatized by this, which means that he might actually get workers' compensation money for it. Do we like that outcome? NO, because pepper-spraying cop actually PEPPER-SPRAYED PEOPLE FOR NO REASON, which is sorta the root of his current sad because but for that, no angry scary family-killing messages. But people, even bad people like pepper-spraying cop, are often pretty tore up when people say things like "People should find your family and make them kneel and we will pepper-spray them all." Pepper-spraying cop is the bad guy here, people. Pepper-spraying cop's family are probably perfectly nice and like puppies.

So, let's recap: Pepper-spraying cop bad. Probably should not get monies for being bad. But likely will get monies because other people were stupid. STOP BEING BAD AND STUPID EVERYONE.

[Davis Enterprise]


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