People They Ain't No Good

  • "While it would be hard to categorize him as a doctrinaire Republican or conservative, Mr. McCain appears to have ceded some of his carefully cultivated reputation as a maverick." [New York Times]
  • A new poll detects an "enthusiasm gap" for Senator McCain but finds him running about even with Barack Obama among independent voters. [Washington Post]
  • A Senate investigation found that top Pentagon brass were more involved than they at first said they were in coming up with the horrifying interrogation techniques used at Guantanamo. [Washington Post]
  • Gay marrieds in California try not to make their weddings look too gay. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Many Congressional leaders lost hundreds of thousands of dollars last year, and are still vastly wealthier than the people they represent. [The Hill]
  • Barack Obama spoke at length with the Wall Street Journal about his economic plan, which you can go read while your editor makes coffee. [Wall Street Journal]

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