People Who Should Stay Away From The Food Industry! Tabs, Mon., Oct. 11, 2021

People Who Should Stay Away From The Food Industry! Tabs, Mon., Oct. 11, 2021
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No, your antibodies aren't better than the vaccine. (Ars Technica)

"Studies" on Ivermectin. Is this bad?

Major problems included:
* The same patient data being used multiple times for supposedly different people
* Evidence that selection of patients for test groups was not random
* Numbers unlikely to occur naturally
* Percentages calculated incorrectly
* Local health bodies unaware of the studies

Okay, one more: "And the patients given the placebo turned out to have had much lower levels of oxygen in their blood before the trial started than those given ivermectin. So they were already sicker and statistically more likely to die." Seems bad! — BBC

Why we are losing our humanity (yes, us too) in the pandemic. (ProPublica)

This MAGA former reporter running for Arizona governor, Kari Lake, sounds terrifying I mean great. (The Bulwark)

Red-state lunatics eating their own red-state Republican county clerks now. — More ProPublica

Hillary Clinton, Cassandra. — Adam Parkhomenko, Today's Big Stuff

Hey, you heard that Joe Biden wants the IRS to get a report from your bank every time you send or receive more than $600? If you haven't, you haven't been listening to liars. Biden does propose that if your account sends or receives more than $600 in a year, your bank inform the IRS at the end of the year, just like they already report if you receive interest. That's it. (Dems want to raise the $600 requirement to $10,000. Either way.) (

Make sure to build some time into your day to both read this (it's longish) and lie down on the floor after. This woman and her minions have been arresting small children and putting them in jail for things that are not illegal, like "cursing" and "watching a fight and yelling at the fighters to stop." It gets worse and worse and worse. — So much ProPublica today

Sherrilyn Ifill has some action items for the above. Let's get up off the floor and do something!

There is a reason you had to take Tetris off your computer in the old days when you couldn't just go to Tetris on the Internet you were playing it so much, and that is "helps you stop traumatic memories." — Old NPR / Paper

We're running out of everything. How, why, and an aside about reshoring manufacturing through the BBB. (The Atlantic)

Just spending a Sunday looking up every CSA in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as is my custom, and good god, this fruit CSA gives you one million pecks of peaches and apples (a peck is 12-14 pounds, apparently) in addition to "nut butter" or whatever, week after week after week, and the canning would NEVER STOP. (Kapnick Orchards fruit CSA)

Things to organize in your house when you are stressed out. I enjoyed this blerg! — Realtor

Yes, these are indeed mostly gross! (My Health Gazette)

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