People Who Want South Carolina To Have Non-Trumped-Up Senator Donate Crap-Ton Of Cash To Jaime Harrison

2020 Congressional Elections
People Who Want South Carolina To Have Non-Trumped-Up Senator Donate Crap-Ton Of Cash To Jaime Harrison

South Carolina Senate candidate Jaime Harrison raised a record-setting $7.36 million in the first three months of 2020, the year that might never end. Incumbent Sen. Lindsey Graham -- Donald Trump's personal booster seat -- raised $5.6 million during the same period. Hillary Clinton cast some Palmetto shade on her former Senate colleague and pointed out that this is the first time any political opponent has outraised Graham. It is indeed “incredible news."

Graham still has more money in the bank than Harrison -- $12.8 million to $8 million, but the brother's gaining on one of Trump's loudest and most craven defenders. The senator's campaign claims that his first quarter showing was weaker because he cancelled fundraising events while trying to get Trump off on impeachment charges early this year (yeah, that was still 2020). He's suspended his fundraising operations during the final two months of March as the Trump plague kicked us in the ass.

The Senate race in my home state has generated a lot of attention but annoyingly few polls. The most recent one from last month showed Graham up just four points when he'd previously been crushing Harrison by double digits like any other common Democrat. Money from outside the state is pouring into the campaigns, demonstrating how much Democrats loathe Graham and how concerned Republicans are about holding the seat.

Even the best projections for Joe Biden's performance in November don't have him flipping South Carolina but a strongly contested Senate race like this one can ramp up Democratic turnout, which is always good. Rep. Joe Cunningham could use some love holding onto a district that has a Republican lean of 18 points.

I'd love to retire Graham for all sorts of reasons, which we've documented extensively, but here is today's garden fresh reason he sucks.

Relax, Lindsey, those lazy slaves poor people will return to the fields go back to work once the COVID crisis ends. Graham wants to keep workers even more desperate during what'll obviously be a buyers' market when the economy “reopens." Anyone in possession of a human soul shouldn't stay up at night worrying whether independent contractors and gig workers will just keep cashing their checks and refuse to do anything productive like common Melania Trumps.

Harrison is just an all-around superior human being, and he represents the South Carolina I remember and still love. Good people live here. He's one of them. His launch video still gives me chills. He claims anything is possible with “a lot of hard work and a little bit of hope." That's not just sweet-sounding bullshit. Harrison is proof of concept: He grew up dirt poor in Orangeburg, South Carolina and went on graduate from Yale and Georgetown Law. He broke through the wall and unlike Graham, he wants to help others do the same.

On the healthcare section of Harrison's website, he shares the story of how his grandfather worked for years paving South Carolina roads. He couldn't afford to see a doctor until his body finally gave out on him. By that point, he'd suffered so long with undiagnosed diabetes he lost a leg. I doubt Harrison worries if the jobless in South Carolina, many of whom are like his grandfather, would refuse to work because their unemployment benefits are just slightly more generous because we're all enduring a global health crisis.

[youtube expand=1] It takes all of us

I still need to fully scrub the Lindsey from my eyes. Here's another clip of Harrison campaigning in South Carolina.

'It's about hope': U.S. Senate candidate Jaime Harrison talks about campaign to Lancaster crowd

Donate to Harrison's campaign here.

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