People's Brains Have Turned To Goo Over This 'Wheel Of Fortune' Puzzle! Tabs, Thurs., Feb. 25, 2021


The White House has reversed a bunch of visa restrictions put in place last year by the Trump administration, which used the pandemic as an excuse to restrict even legal immigration, so that's a good thing. — CNN

Also too, lawyers for children taken from their parents under Trump have located the parents of 105 kids who still remain separated. That's the good news, but another 506 kids' parents have still not been found; the lawyers think the parents of 322 of them were deported. — NBC News

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin spent a whole lot of time traveling to Saudi Arabia to meet with Prince Bonesaw, including in the final weeks of the Trump administration. Now he's "planning to start an investment fund that is expected to raise money from sovereign wealth funds in the Persian Gulf region," says the Washington Post. Gosh, that doesn't sound particularly ethical! (WaPo)

Rachel Maddow found the entire thing outrageous:

And the Biden administration will be releasing a declassified version of the intelligence community's report on the murder of US resident Jamal Khashoggi today, for some lightly horrifying reading. It concludes that the murder was approved by Prince Bonesaw, who presumably washed his hands at least cursorily before meeting with Mnuchin. — NBC News

This doesn't sound good: a new coronavirus variant is spreading rapidly in New York City, and it looks like the available vaccines appear to be less effective against it. — New York Times

On the up side, FDA staff have endorsed the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, finding it safe and effective, bringing it one step closer to emergency approval. The Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee meets Friday to review J&J's request for authorization. For the two vaccines we now have, that step was followed by approval the next day. — CNBC

You probably could use this video of Jamie's foster kitten Linus falling asleep sitting up. Caution: may contain dangerous levels of cute.

If you still have a free New York Times article this month, check out this incredible story about a small Vermont town being terrorized by a gun nut who's set up a gun-humper's fantasy land shooting range on his property. The town so far has been powerless to stop him, since he's not actually running a business. Hella good reporting by Ellen Barry. Or you could save your free read for the weekend and something less awful, I am not the boss of you. — NYT

Trump's postmaster, Louis DeJoy, was a total jackhole at congressional hearings Wednesday, telling Democrats "Get used to me," because he plans to hold his post for a "long time." DeJoy can't be fired by the president, only by the USPS Board of Governors, which currently has three Republican members, all appointed by Trump, and two Democrats. Yesterday, Joe Biden nominated new members to fill three of the four open seats on the board; once they're confirmed by the Senate, they can choose a replacement for DeJoy. — Daily Beast

Also during the hearing, Rep Andy Biggs (R-Arizona) tried to help out DeJoy by insisting the real reason for last summer's mail slowdowns wasn't DeJoy's tampering with Postal Service operations. Heck no, it was all the Antifa and BLM riots, you see, which burned down all the post offices. In mere reality, two post offices were burned, long before the DeJoy slowdowns. — Also Daily Beast

This is pretty wonderful: Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff visited the National Archives and got to see the original signed Supreme Court decision that struck down laws prohibiting interracial marriages. He was clearly Loving it.

Also, we see sometime in the last couple years, Now This News started using less overbearing, glurgy music in their videos, hooray.

"Pentagon report reveals disturbing details about White supremacists in the ranks." Disturbing, but not surprising. — CNN

In yet another bit of tidying up, Joe Biden has thrown out Trump's dumb "classical architecture" order for federal buildings. Somewhere, Albert Speer must be really sad about that. — Politico

This is where Rebecca would normally put in some recipe thing, but I don't really cook, so here is another pic of Linus being the cutest little nugget, not to mention a dead ringer for the kitten who thinks of nothing but murder all day.

Them itty tiny feetses!

Rebecca is still gallivanting around a mountain ranch for her birthday; she'll be back Monday!

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