Permanent Free Sleeping Space Available Now

Attention, Congresspeople! We know how much you like freebies, so we thought we'd alert you to a great opportunity our cousin Sploid.com has discovered via Craigslist DC. We are pretty sure Abramoff has nothing to do with this: "FREE ROOMS OR SLEEPING SPACES (SOFA/Couches) PERMANENTLY, DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING, and this is not a gig, prank, hoax, crap or creepy either, we have not been getting any acceptable responds because people think this is a joke or stint, and we are not crazy either."

We know it sounds too good to be true, but hold on a sec, Senator. There are some rules and restrictions: "All computers, high-speed internet, cable TV, all for free. Cook anything you want in the kitchen yourself. Just like those European Backpackers. We do not want any fuzzy or picky people." Smooth and indiscriminate? Go for it.

Free room or sleeping spaces permanently [Craigslist DC]

Creepy Weirdos Offer Free Room & Broadband In Washington DC [Sploid.com]


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