Peruvian Fun Meat Is Box Office Gold

  • Saudi Arabia has finally joined the modern Western world! The nation welcomed its first swine flu death on Saturday. [Associated Press]
  • Ben Bernanke made a folksy appearance at a town hall in Missouri and explained, metaphorically, why he had to prop up an elephant to prevent the Second Great Depression. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Sarah Palin didn't want to be a "lame duck" with a year and a half left in her first term, so she resigned the Alaska governorship on Sunday. [ABC News]
  • Professional pussy and sometime runner-of-France Nicolas Sarkozy collapsed after jogging in 84-degree heat this weekend. [Washington Post]
  • A movie about goddamn guinea pigs is number one at the box office. [Reuters]
  • North Korea says it's ready to talk mano-a-mano with the "schoolgirl or pensioner" Hillary Clinton. [Guardian]

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