Pervert Army People Love Watching Bradley Manning Get Naked

Pervert Army People Love Watching Bradley Manning Get Naked
  • Devious Lady GaGa CD-RW terrorist Bradley Manning was charged yesterday with "aiding the enemy," which is punishable by death. (Hillary Clinton will sit on him until he dies.) In the meantime, the Army has decided that Bradley Manning needs to take off his clothes and then stand around naked in his prison cell for hours, all sexy-like. Why would the Army people force Brad to do this? There's a perfectly logical explanation, according to a Marine spokesman: “It would be inappropriate for me to explain it ... I can confirm that it did happen, but I can’t explain it to you without violating the detainee’s privacy.” In Army Land it's totally okay to forcibly remove Bradley Manning's clothes and then leave him naked in a prison cell for seven hours. But explaining why this is okay? Jeebus, that's a serious violation of the detainee's privacy! [NYT]
  • China's military spending will increase by 12.7% to 601.1 billion yuan ($91.5 billion), up from 532.1 billion yuan last year. The United States spent a meager $1 trillion or so on "defense" in fiscal year 2010. China is catching up! We must start throwing money at superfluous weapons programs, like the F-69 Tactical Fingerbanger and, uh, smart bombs that can play Jeopardy. [BBC]

  • Here is a news article about grocery store shopping carts and feces. (Specifically: how grocery store shopping carts are lathered in feces.) Yummy in the tummy! [Fox News]


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