Pet Owners Are Sharing The Most Hilarious Revenge Signs! Tabs, Tues., Oct. 6, 2020


New York Times has a scoop: White House has just plumb decided not to do contact tracing for the Amy Bony Carrot Rose Garden Massacre, because they don't want to is why. — New York Times

And two-thirds of Americans said Trump is an irresponsible piece of shit, in so many words, before that. (CNN)

Or maybe it was this! Oh wait no, it came after too. Well, I just can't figure it out.

The president is hiding everything, but he's hiding when he last tested negative the most. — Dan Froomkin at PressWatch

"Full-blown freakout" at the White House after just about the whole comms shop tests positive. — ABC News

The 30 people who have tested positive in the Trump Outbreak, as of 6:30 yestertoday. (Politico)

Good for her:

Apropos of everything:

Long-sleeve men's and women's white Nancy Pelosi Ride or Die shirt

Oh I will for sure definitely take the Trump vaccine whose safety guidelines have just been vetoed by Mark Meadows because it would push approval to after the election. — NYT

LOL "BLIND MYSTIC PREDICTED IT!" [...] End of post: "Baba Vanga's neighbors say she never said any of it, it all comes from viral Russian posts, and there's nowhere it's written down for anyone to read it." I'M SOLD! (US Sun)

Reuters news you can use: Masks don't fuck with your oxygen levels, and the virus can live on skin for nine hours. — Reuters

"I'm Worried Biden Is Going to Steal the Election By Getting Many, Many More Votes Than the President." (McSweeney's)

The Pence team is sniping at Kamala Harris for wanting a Plexiglas barrier in Wednesday's debate, as if he hasn't been licking every doorknob and Trump asshole he could find. — Politico

Apropos of everything:

Long-sleeve men's and women's white Kamala Superhero shirt

Senator Pat Toomey (R - PA) is OUTTA HERE! In 2022. And Pennsylvania Republicans want Junior to run in his place. — Politico

Yay, we're all being investigated for insufficient fealty to Dear Leader. This week, it's the VOA's White House bureau chief's turn! — David Folkenflik at NPR

This Supreme Court term will end with either 13 justices or catastrophe. — Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern at Slate

Apropos of everything:

Long-sleeve men's women's white RGB: I DISSENT shirts

Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito want to reopen Obergefell because somehow your gay marriage is an attack on others' religious liberty. No, I don't get it either, I guess my brain is just weak and stupid. — Salon

GLOW canceled. BLOWs. (LA Times)

That's all I got today guys, sorry, see you in five minutes.

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